Retirees and “residential tourism”: a case study of Chapala-Ajijic in Jalisco | Geo-Mexico, the geography of Mexico

As mentioned in the foregoing postings about housesitting opportunities, the residential tourist is a totally new category of retiree. Now out of the work force that dictates only short two week vacations our holidays, we feliz jubiladas have the luxury of extended stays in counties where our pension incomes goes so much farther!

The Lake Chapala area and San Miquel de Allende locales are specifically suited along with the usual coastal resort places like Puerta Vallarta. Both areas with a noticeable gringo/gringa presence have quite different advantages and disadvantages going for them.

I happily spent my first two winters in Ajijic, Jalisco which offers an established infrastructure for residential tourists. There is even a centrally located Lake Chapala Society that serves to buffer the transition from NOB to SOB living.

In SMA, the Bibliotheca located in Centro serves much of the same role as a hub for residents/visitors and a service facility for programs for both Mexicans and expats alike.


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