Famous Great Traveler Photos — National Geographic


While I certainly don’t put myself in this illustrious grupo I DO believe that my type of snowbird travel is a lifestyle choice not a vacation or holiday. This is what I took in’my previous life’ when I had tighter time constraints. Two weeks or two months…sigh.

I consider myself a temporary resident who is constantly learning and experiencing new things that are enriching and will enrich my life on both sides of the border.

I have a difficult time understanding how some snowbirds go to and stay in what I term Snowbird Ghettos, condo developments or gated communities where the residents mostly only associate with other snowbirds, playing tennis, golf or cards and of course drinking and then 4,5 or 6 months go home after really not experiencing or contributing to the place they were fortunate enough to spend the winter unlike most of their snow shoveling friends and family. Imho, this category of tourists as opposed to travelers is missing so much!

Well onward into the day. I have absolutely no idea what will unfold but I know it will be facinating!


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