Almost Fearless Blog

Really interesting blog by woman who went from traveler to expat to immigrant! Notice that tourista is not on the spectrum or at best at the very low end. While I currently an on a six month tourista visa from time to time as I hang out more with happy expats I idly wonder IF…Just what would it take to make…and stick…with that lifestyle choice or a more permanent nature.

For now, I’m quite content having the best of both worlds especially on a day like today when I could barely carry 100.CAD worth of groceries and at home they would barely fill up the drivers seat in my car!

Viva Mexico and how far my pension check goes here! My maid came in to clean my casita, I went out shopping at Mega and now it’s time for a siesta! Mi vida es muy bueno y yo hablo, “Gracias!”


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