Tips for Travel Savings in 2014 –

I’ve already mentioned how I’ve cut accommodation costs by renting this small casita through Craigslist so today’s topic focuses on a recent New York Times article.

Personally, I don’t mind staying in hotels, even dorms but I know many boomers don’t like being the oldest guests in establishments like these. When I m travelling solo, they are a super economic way to reallocate my money to something much more important like buying San Miquel shoes for example. Another great alternative whether alone or with a travelling companion is or  I’ve been a tpo rated host with Airbnb in both Penticton and Nanaimo and this year I also registered as a couchsurfing host. I had lots of requests this past summer but only approved older travelers who has been hosts themselves. A lot of young backpackers want to come to Vancouver Island but I’m not interested in being anyone’s denmother so to speak. If there’s no chance of even hypothetical reciprocation then I pass on the request.

A new site that I must check out is More on this site later. As you can see this blog is very much a work in progress as my third snowbird winter in Mexico unfolds! Pictures, links, videos and additional commentary is being added either on the fly from my Smartphone or Chromebook laptop which has a REAL chicklet style keyboard unlike last winter’s IPad. And when I really want to add links efficiently I’m gonna stroll down to the 10 peso an hour cyber Cafe in the neighborhood with retro desktop computers with a mouse. Which is where I am right this minute proofreading my ost recent postings.

Note to self:  Find out if a Chromebook can accommodate a mini mouse using one of the USB Ports. I m still really happy with my Chromebook and it has a large responsive touchpad but I guess my technology usage bridges not two but three worlds, the familiar and the cutting or even the bleeding edge! And to think, just last winter when I brought my first IPad to Mexico I didn’t even know what an app was or why it was importan, no make that vital t to store important data in the I Cloud!

Second note to self:
Register profiles on some housesitting sites this year! I’m surprised that this article doesn’t mention sites like the following

There s also another site whose name escapes me specializing in luxury or vacation homes owned by people with multiple residences in different places and countries. I would say if you scored a gig with this rarified site you could live the high lifestyle of the rich and famous or infamous as the case may be for bubkas, as my Jewish friends say.


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