BBC – Travel – Your favourite coffee shops : Food & Drink

What??? No Mexico entries? Mexico has some of the best coffee in the world even though, omg, instant Nescafe is incomprehensibly popular and imho opinion absolutely undrinkable to the nth degree! My first week here I went into a small hole in the wall Cantina, ordered a cup of coffee con leche and they brought me a cup of hot water to make instant coffee. Well I did but want too feliz about it. I’d rather drink Coca Cola even for breakfast! And yes, Mexico IS the number one country for Coke drinking. I prefer it here because you can still buy in in glass bottles that preserve the characteristic fizz. Some Serious Coffee outlets stock what they call retro Coke in bottles but they charge $2.50 CAD. Here is 11 or 12 pesos, about a dollar or even less when you buy it in six packs at a supermerecado/grocery store like Mega or Sorianas.

And yes, Juanita, there IS a Starbucks right here in Centro right in the Plaza. Tastefully tucked into a corner colonial building it is defintiely THE classiest Starbucks location I ve ever visited! And my preloaded Canadian Starbucks works here just fine paying in pesos.


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