Toller Cranston – What Makes San Miguel So Special – YouTube

Moving into my second week here and I must admit that I mostly agree and then some! Last winter, when I was wintering in Ajijic, I was told that SMA was too expensive, too snooty, too American, too unfriendly, pick one or more in any order.

So, I decided to come here on a first hand fact finding mission for 10 days last December, did not find any of the above so basically decided at that time to come to this area for my third snowbird winter.

It was kind of plan B cuz I thought I was going to be sponsored as an exchange teacher in Quereterro by an expat Canuck from Sherwood Park, Alberta but she just relocated her escuela there and was unable to offer me half time employment.

No hay problema, as they say. I just had an orientation with Joven Adelante this very afternoon where I’ll be volunteer teaching starting next week, depending on enrollment. Only adults mind you, I’ve closed (slammed?) the chapter on teaching little kids. 700+ kids and 30 years in 12 schools in three provinces and California is enough.

More than enough although I only have a twenty year pension but it goes so far here! First run movies are 30 pesos, city bus 5 or 6, taxi ride from my casita to and from Centro, 30 each way. Lunch with a cerveza about 7 or 8 dollars and dinner again with wine or a couple of beers 10 to 15 dollars and at some really nice places including rooftop terraces with a view of El Jardin, the Plaza Principale.

In my retirement years, unshackled from ‘hard time’ in SD 67, I’m free, free, free at last!


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