Reflections of Week One in San Miquel de Allende

This is my second and not likely last visit to the spectacularly beautiful city of San Miquel de Allende. This is a UNESCO historical city and much care, attention and yes mucho pesoooos have gone into the exquisite restoration and upgrading of the Centro area with the famous Plaza Principale in it’s heart.

Mercifully the medieval cobblestones have been replaced with flattened flagstones in Centro so the area is enjoyably walkable without looking down at your feet all the time navigating perilous sidewalk and street hazards. There is a dizzying array of facinating shops, galleries and restaurants with a wide rage of price points to explore and as the streets run at randomly placed angles there is always a new calle privada to amble down.

The colours of the historical buildings are historically accurate and from a narrower palette range than those in Lakeside but imho are asthetically pleasing all the same. There’s even …gasp… Starbucks tucked into one of the colonial buildings and it is the classiest Starbucks I’ve ever been in!

Viewing the heavy wooden doors, ventanas/windows with elaborare metal gratings or narrow Juliet balconies add to the architectural interest of daily ramblings around town. I’m living up in the hills of SMA so the 45 degree mas o menos so my slo mo descents on the roads and sidewalks into Centro I fervently hope are toning up my butt. No need for time in the gym on a Stairmaster here!

Modern yet centuries old in architectural style SMA is an engaging study in contrasts between the old and the new. My very first impression of SMA last December and this year was the bright, clean and efficient bus station servicing a few bus lines between town and cities including Mexico City about four hours away.

I took the Primers Plus bus line with three,yes three checked bags at no extra charge and they even gave me a drink and a bagged lunch upon entering the bus. The seats are comfortable and armchair quality and each double seat has a small television for movie watching and also a plug in to listen to various music stations featuring different kinds of music. The four hours passed painlessly as I settled in for a siesta in order to wake up alert and fresh in my new winter home.

I was welcomed by my gracious landlady, Dorothee M. an expat from Germany who has lived in Mexico for some 47 years. Her daughter, a local property manager picked me up at the bus station slaying the last of my apprehensions about securing accommodation via Craigslist.

After hearing about some Craigslist rental scams I was a bit nervous about wiring 700. USD to Mexico to be sure on the strength of a few emails but it all worked out fine. My winter residence is a 500. square home is a small casita on the property of a family estate. There are three other apartments on the property two of which I believe are rented.

My next door neighbor is a two year resident who will be returning to Portland, Oregon at the end of the month. So if you or anyone you know is interested in a two level fully furnished apartment for only 450. USD. a month contact me for more details. The rent includes all utilities except gas for cooking and heat and bottled water for 30 pesos delivered to your door. Telecable, wifi and weekly maid service by the very cheerful Irma are included in the very affordable rent rent.

There is a large palm tree and many container plants outside my front door and a patio with a table and chairs for alfresco dining, reading and writing. My own very minor quibble is my unfamiliarity with the gas heater con gas tank inside my casita. With all the tile and no central heating a gas heater is fairly standard here but I’ll need a lot more practice with lighting and monitoring pilot lights before I feel comfortable with this gizmo that admittedly does throw off a lot of radiant heat when going full tilt boogie.

I will take some pictures of my new digs later when I return home after the maid has sparkled the place up. Not being naturally organized and/or domestic I totally appreciate the weekly maid service I have this year and from my uber maids, Rosa last year in Ajijic. When domestic chores are just taken out of your day to day equation it’s amazing how it frees up your life for more interesting things!

And judging by the comprehensive Que Pass? section of the weekly bilingual newspaper Attencion there is absolutely no lack of things to do, see, experience, support and volunteer for! Already I’ve signed up to teach English at Joven Adelante y be an usher at the San Miquel de Allende Literary Festival.

Speaking of which I better start reading The Life of Pi as the well know author will be in attendance and I want to get my book autographed! Apparently this is a much more challenging read than the Atrociously written Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy that I’m finishing shortly. It’s really hard to believe that this dreck has outsold the Harry Potter books. Seems to be a huge market for mommy/grandma porn discreetly ordered and read on kindles and IPads.

There can be no other accounting for the undeserved popularity of this anti ROM com account of a very unhealthy codependent relationship. Livening things up in the boudoir with a bit of ‘kinky fuckery’ as the late 20 something CEO, Christian Gray terms it is one thing, a dark and unrealistic SMBD neo Cinderella tale starring a naive new college graduate and a twisted Seattle bachelor is simply beyond the beyond imho. Adding to the incredulity is the knowledge that the author is a Brit trying to write as an American actually knowing something about the Emerald City.

Recasting AND aging the characters (the oh so sexy Mentalist comes immediately to mind!), condensing the whole unwieldy trilogy by taking out the repetitions, hackneyed cliches and above all clumsily written sec scenes would be a big, big improvement imho.  Oh and if I ever read another POV inner dialogue by either the Inner Goddess or Anastasia’s other alter ego it will be far to soon,

As it stands right now with the current story trajectory the very nanosecond our delusionary neo Cinderella gets preggers either accidentally or on purpose it’s all over.

Shades of Lisa Marie Presley, child bride?


One thought on “Reflections of Week One in San Miquel de Allende

  1. All very interesting. The San Miguel Allende descr.iptions, that is. I will instantly delete Fifty Shades of Grey from my reading list, despite the fact that a bit of porn might be quite titillating! I love your spirit, Joanne. Indomitable. Optimistic. Opportunistic. Keep right on going for it all!

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