Interview of Professional Hobo

I would say that I’m a wanna be professional snowbird ( cuz I’m still working out the kinks in my NOB/SOB lifestyle) but this interview does offer some excellent tips for ‘living large’ on retirement income which IS relevant for boomers who shall we say weren’t as financially prudent in their working years as this formerly high earning financial planner.

Imho, far too many of the people I know want to maintain their exact status quo when they retire. Not me. I took the fredom 55 exit ramp from a high teaching salary (with only a twenty year pension), sold my downtown character house in Penticton, moved to my first ‘chosen’ city in Nanaimo, have therapeutically downsized my worldly possessions three times  (and I’m still in process) bought my dream toy car (an 02 Mustang convertible that I only insure for six months a year and garage the other six months) and I’m currently exploring ways to supplement my pension income in creative ways as opposed to a McJob along with lowering my accommodation expenses through casita living ( this winter’s experiment), housesitting and couch surfing. I am a registered host on and did enjoy having two different parties last fall. When I had my house I was a highly rated hostess on

Of anyone wants more information on becoming an airbnb host please contact me. Of you do decide to try it out for the high decompression tell them I referred you. The eight or none parties were delightful and it kind of broke my heart to turn down five additional parties when my house was on the market for three months.

But that was then; this is now. Onward into the first Domingo of the year!


2 thoughts on “Interview of Professional Hobo

  1. Thanks for your thoughts on my interview with Nora. 🙂 Sounds like you have realistic expectations of retirement. I’m not sure if you own your home now, but if you do, home exchange can be a great alternative too!

    1. Gracias for taking the time to add a comment. I really appreciate it. No, I sold my character home in downtown Penticton two year’s ago and am a happy renter once more. Part of my motivation and reconfiguration of my bi country lifestyle is financial. Being a snowbird in Mexico elevates my standard of living because I only have a twenty year pension. I moved around so much that I never really had any kind of a retirement pension savings plan…ever. AND I took the Freedom 55 off ramp before it was financially prudent but I have no regrets. I didn’t want to maintain my previous life anyway. Too complicated, too expensive and too stressful with too few rewards. I don’t aspire to be a professional hobo like my Canadian compatriot on but a professional snowbird seems like an excellente fit! I am loving the challenge of tweaking and continuing this alternative retirement choice/lifestyle as long as I can! All the very best in 2014! Joanne Babiak on location in San Miquel de Allende till the end of April!

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