Here an Expat, There an Expat, Everywhere…


One of the very best things about being a snowbird and temporary resident of Ajijic for two winters and now for my first winter in SMA is listening to the backfires of the expats. They are always facinating! Some move to Mexico with two suitcases and start over, some catalogue and bilingually inventory everything in their previous life and bring it with them only to ask at the unpacking of the journey south OS the border or SOB as the locals call it “What WAS I thinking?”

For one thing most rentals or even residences for sale are sold furnished, not always tastefully or in alignment with your style but it’s a starting point. With all the fantastico artists and artisans here I would say you would want to choose a place with the maximum amount of wall space. Artwork is very personal, imho and you probably don’t want to live in a’staged house or apartment indefinitely.

In fact the very first thing I did when I moved into my all white tiled, white furniture was remove the hideous pictures from the walks and put away the dusty, Ricky tacky plastic flowers.

But I digress. I love to check out local authors and this newly released book sounds like a winner!

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