OMG, here’s a painful lesson learned on location at Starbucks in Centro San Miquel de Allende! I just spent about an h hour composing a posting that would sequeque from my time at Lakeside to Navidad week in Mexico City to where I am presently in San Miquel de Allende and from nowhere a strange message popped up on the screen. I clicked what I thought was restore/resend and my extensive posting just vanished altogether! And I was right ‘in the zone’ too really writing from my heart alas.

Apparently some type of wifi problema here at Starbucks which seems to have an inconsistent wifi connection. For example, I just found out that one of the emails I thought I sent out on December 31rst just arrived at it’s destination almost a week later!

Note to self: Compose lengthy postings in a word processing program, save and then import to WordPress so that if whatever happens happens and my data just vanishes into the ether I will not be staring at the screen in astonishment! I think I can reconstitute my posting mas o menos mas tarde when I go home to my quaint little casita in Las Colones area of San Miquel de Allende. My phone is recharging as well so I can upload some pictures to complement my postings. I’ll spend the time here proofreading and expanding my existing postings. La musica es bueno, el coffee es bueno y mi gusta Starbucks porque yo tenfo una Starbucks carte.

I’ll do a walkabout in the Plaza Principale in about an hour or so then hail a green taxi to take me home for only 30 pesos. I heard that SMA was more expensive than Lakeside but both taxis and city buses are cheaper and my seasonal rental is only 350. USD/ 4,600 pesos per month and it includes all utilities, wifi, Telecable and once a week maid service I just have to pay for the gas tank y la agua.

I’m settling in nicely but it will take some practice to be proficient with the gas heater. I had a gas stove last winter in Ajijic but a gas heater in a small confined space is new (and potentially dangerous without proper precautions) to me this winter. The nights have been more chilly than Ajijic so I’m glad I packed a couple of toques to keep my head warm and at the Tuesday market I stocked up on some more infinity scarves to round out my suitcase collection.

More text, links and pictures to come so stand by!


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