Part Four: Restaurantes of Lakeside

The variety of high quality eating establishments in the Lakeside area is truly dazzling for the approximately 10,000 person population base. There are ethnic restaurants of every ilk and places ranging from a roadside taco or tamale stand to high end but still reasonable establishments featuring top notch live entertainment.

One such place in the latter category is Los Telares where our favourite troubadour, Alfonso Nava plays from 6 to 8 every Wednesday. The night we had out Ajijic Artist Way reunion it was a quiet night so it seemed like he was playing just for us!

Here’s a link to an excellent blog outlining some of the tremendous dining out choices at Lakeside!

Personally in no particular order my top ten are:

1. Lake Taco- fabuloso view y tacos pescado!
2. Los Telares- por la musica y the molcajetes. I tried one of these special dishes the night I was at the Adios Ajijic soiree and I totally recommend the shrimp one. There was enough for two to share or one with a take home/doggy bag. Wonderful atmosphere and excellent service.
3. Cafe Grano At this charming coffee emporium they roast and grind the beans to your exact specification and they have fairly dependable wifi. Oh, and the range deserts are simply divine! I recommend the creme caramel when it is available.
4. Tango My pick for a fantastico steak dinner at an afordable price.
5. Dona’s Donuts on the careterra If you are craving a sugar or donut fix this IS the place to go and they also serve inexpensive breakfasts. On Friday, this is a good place to pick up the weekly ‘Guadalajara Reporter’ to find out what’s going on.
6. Tony’s in San Antonia, Jalisco not Texas This charming family run place is always dependable and on certain evenings this local family operation feature two skilled young violinists who will truly amaze you!
7. Desayunos on the careterra between Ajijic and Chapala For the most comprehensive selection of Mexican and American breakfast items this charming bistro with lots of outdoor seating IS my number one pick for breakfast.
8. Super Burrito just up the street from Dona’s Donuts in Upper Ajijic My pick for the very best and biggest burritos in Ajijic and don’t get me started on the size of the margaritas. I once had lunch there con tres margaritas and let me tell you the flowers were talking to me begging me to take their pictures on my way home. Somewhere on a long past Facebook post are some flower pictures taken with my sadly missed IPad.
9. El Jardin Not spectaularly outstanding but always dependable and THE place to see and be seen in the plaza. It’s also dog friendly if that is a consideration for you. I recommend the Curry Chicken Salad in a Tortilla Shell. Cheap, filling and delicioso!
10. Adelitas also in San Antonio Great place for food AND musica and in the known Lakeside insiders joining the ironically named Breakfast Club which is actually a dinner club can join a lively group of people on Thursday nights for specially priced entrees. On the one evening I was in attendance I tried the ribs and I would say they are the best in Lakeside! Maybe not quite as good as Montanas’ at home in Nanaimo but pretty damn close.

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