Art Lesson, Vol. 10: Spray Paints + Street Art |∣=355306&rid=753153

After seeing a whole lot of graffiti everywhere in Mexico City recently some of it very artistic, a whole lot not,  there’s still something that kind of appeals to me in a wabi sabi sort of way.

Last winter, I hosted six artists on an open studio tour for the Ajijic Society of the Arts. Anyway, the tiendita/corner store beneath my apartment closed and they had a banner that they never took down.

So I got the brainwave to flip the banner over and spray paint the letters graffiti style! So I called over a painter amiga to help me out and we were really pleased with the banner even if some ASA members were not! A lot of my pictures were stolen forever on my IPad but I believe I have some pictures on FB which I will retrieve!

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