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Having just arrived in San Miquel de Allende this afternoon, I am just now taking stock of the fabuloso week I had in Mexico City at Christmas time with Charter Club Tours. I was so very busy living IN the moment and trying to experience as much as I could of my time in District Federales that yes, I got a bit behind in my postings, pictures and reflections on this blog. But honestly, how can this be a bad thing?

However, as I’m here before the dawn of a New Year I’m going to spend the next two days fleshing out this blog with pictures, videos, links and my own idiosyncratic musings and reflections of this third time snowbird south of the border in Mexico, this time in the picturesque Colonial Highlands of San Miquel de Allende!

My departure earlier today had a bit of drama at the Central Norte bus station attached to it and I will write about the nail biting scenario manana.  A for now my trusty unlocked Samsung Galaxy smartphone is still oh so smart but alas running out of battery power.

Hasta luego, readers, y Buenas noches from San Miquel de Allende!

Okay back to my sort of high drama departure. My Charter Club tour participants left well before me early, early in the morning and I had the luxury of having a full breakfast in the Manhattan Deli Restaurante in the hotel before leaving. My amiga returned to Ajijic and had a full seat to stretch out on on the way back and I headed to the bus station via a taxi called by the concierge. I thought I had all the bases covered and asked the concierge if I needed to break my 500 peso bill and was assured that the taxi driver would have cambio. I was a bit dubious but took his word for it.

Well, to cut to the proverbial chase, I arrived at the bus depot, the driver did not indeed have any cambio. He actually showed me his billfold with a 20 peso note inside! So I had to go into the station, buy my boleto then pay the driver who was waiting outside with ALL my luggage. OMG, if there was a time for Our Lady of Guadalupe to look after me this was the time! I returned to the driver, paid my fare and I thought I had collected all my bags y maletas.

I was wrong! The driver had inadvertently NOT seen my brown Chromebook case containing my new Chromebook! OMG! Luckily, out of nowhere this lovely couple from Monterey volunteered to call the hotel who tracked down the driver who returned to the station in the NICK of time before the Primavera Plus bus departed for San Miquel at 11:15 a.m.

Saved once again by the kindness of strangers. Mil gracias Ana y Gabriel por ayudarme! Honestly, I was so stunned by not having all my bags I was momentarily immobilized and these two fine young people stepped up to the plate to help out a befuddled and slightly panicing gringa. Fortunately, I had my unlocked phone with me charged and WITH a new SIM card and Mexican phone number. They were able to act as my interpreter to expedite the retorno of my new Chromebook, the very same one I’m pecking right now on.

More later on finding a ‘penny from heaven’ on a random street not far from where I’m staying this year…


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