Pyramid Power!

The following day featured and showcased the pyramids of T………….. We took the bus to the site, well sites because they were so spaced out that we shuttled from one large area to the other by our charter bus. In contrast to Tikal in Guatemala where I also did a day trip these pyramids can be walked into and around to get a glimpse into what life might have been like for presumably the higher class people in separate homes.

The guides were very knowledgeable and the tour was well paced. We got a chance to peer into what might have been the w.c. area and the bathing area, always a source of speculation for ancient civilizations!  We saw common areas, marketplace areas and of course the Temple of the Sun and the Temple of the Moon. 

Still very much under excavation some parts are left virtually untouched, some restored and some areas supported by concrete to prevent further deterioration.  On some walls we could still see the original colours of the painted decorations. And in this preliterate pictograph world, believer me EVERY picture tells a legend, an epic, a myth, a homily or teaches a lesson!

These pyramids could be climbed as in Tikal but the sun was warm and the steps were uneven so I took a pass. I know from experience that it s not the going up that is scary, it s the coming down without any kind of hand rails. I have taken to wearing Air Nike basketball shoes for stability but still chose to walk around and take some great pictures. I m just totally grooving on my Galaxy Smartphone 11S with it s 8.0 camera and apparently the new Galaxy 4 it s been upgraded to 13.0! I did take my trusty Cannon sureshot but have yet to take a tradition digital photo with a camera. The Smartphone is just so handy, portable and it takes superb pictures. I even know now how to zoom into shots. Honestly, I m still not interested in all that photo shopping. I think a good eye with good composition using zoom to fill the screen works just as good as all the digital cropping and messing around with pictures. And if I want special effects like sepia or black and white or other tricks of the trade the Android program called PicsArt does all the tricks I m interested in.

AND, to book it works just great for selfies, no less. I ve never been one for a whole lot of what I call, Hi Mom shots at the various locales I ve visited around the world and now I don t have to ask anyone to take these rather cheesy, touristy shots. I merely flip the screen around. pick a background, don my 50 peso Ray Ban sunnies and snap away! I started using this feature on a warm, sunny November day in the Haqmmond Bay neighbourhood where I was staying with the Mulligans and their LBD/Little Black Dog, Suki. We were out and about for a walk in the hood and since it was sunny AND I had just read that SELFIE was the word of the year, I thought…why not? I picked up Suki, flipped the screen around and voila, my first Smartphone selfie! I m typing this on a desktop computer at the Mexico City Sheraton Hotel but I ll post some pictures later on this week and next.

More text and pictures to follow… Stay tuned!


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