Floating Gardens y la Comida y La Casa Azul

Enroute to lunch on a long lake boat/restaurante our skillful coach driver, Raul navigated through the heavier post Christmas traffic to a Modern Art Gallery, The Olympic Grounds and then to a lake that was chock o block packed with these long lake barges propeled down the water by strong men with poles. Honestly my pictures do not do justice to seeing over 1000 boats in such a narrow space travelling down and back this lake with just a few bumper boat collisions! 

This was our lunch stop for the day and la comida featured tacos and tostadas with the usual acroutrements and bbq chicken, refried beans and rice. After three on/off bus stops we were all quite hungry and were appreciative of a hot and promptly served lunch. Afterwards we relaxed and floated down the lake listening to the mariachi bands and fending off the ubiquitous venders selling ponchos, flowers, corn on the cob and dolls and toys possibly made in Guatemala. Certainly, one has to hand it to all these industrious locals providing a crowd pleasing experience that was geared very much to local families not just out of city gringos. 

There WAS an opportunity to drive by the famous Blue Frida Kahlo House because it was in more or less the same neighbourhood but alas the line up snaked down the sidewalk so a vote was taken aboard the coach and we elected to just drive past not even park and take a photo. Some people in the group plan to revisit this historic locale on our upcoming free Saturday, our last in Mexico City! How the time has simply flown by! 

I received confirmation from my Mexican landlady in San Miquel de Allende vis a vis my rental and pick up in SMA so all is well on this Boxing Day-that-is nt here in Day Effay/ District Federales! I felt like shopping so I did do some shopping earlier in the day at the Dolores Impressionistic Art Gallery where once again the lines were very long and we only were able to view a few of Diego Rivera s oil paintings in one small gallery. Apparently, most of his paintings are in Paris presumably at the Louvre or at some other well known gallery. Apparently, both governments agreed to trade some well known painter s work and the painting were exchanged across the Atlantic!

More text and pictures to follow…Stay tuned!

Update on 1/4/14
Apparently there is a museum featuring Diego Rivera’s work in his home city of Guanajato which is not that far from me at all. It is only a very short and inexpensive bus ride from San Miquel de Allende.


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