Murales y Museums

After a fantastastico desayuno/breakfast at the Manhattan Deli Restaurante at the Sheraton Hotel in Zona Rosa we boarded the bus bound for the truly unique Water Garden Museum featuring the incomparable murales of Diego Rivera in a spectacular water and greenery setting in the morning and the Anthrology Museum in the afternoon.

The actual mural area is a walk around installation featuring the Rivera murals and during the rainy season the water rushes through the floor area causing an updraft that makes a sound when going through the graduated pipes mounted on the wall! Now, if that doesn t take vision and imagination I don t know what does!

The second stop was the Anthropology Museum where we all got a crash course in Aztec and Mayan ancient history in preparation for the tour of the pyramids the following day. This collection of predominantly original antiquities is most impressive especially the large wheel widely attributed to be a Mayan calendar (but isn t!). Last year on 12/12/12 where there was a bit of apocalyptic hysteria it was widely and falsely reported that the world would end on this day as this was the END of the Mayan calendar. Well, since it didn t, at the Wednesday tinguis I bought a small replica of the original I saw in the museum. The layout is comprehensive and outstanding in it{s scope and sequence. My only suggestion is the addition of more benches in the wings of hard marble floors to take a rest once and a while while trying to absorb the magnitude and magnificance of these two ancient cultures!

More text and pictures to come!


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