Reflections of Ajijic / A Six Part Series

Buenas dias!

The first part of the month has simply flown by! Seems like I was just going through Guadalajara border control at the airport where I discovered at 1 a.m. that my two suitcases had not accompanied me! Luckily, with the barcode scanning system, they were quickly located and I was assured that they would be on the next flight out of San Francisco the next morning. Honestly, after spending the night in the mothers’ room at Victoria International Airport and catching a 6 30 a.m. flight I didn’t much really care. I was just glad to see Anthony, my driver who would deliver me once more to the lakeside community of Ajijic where I was going to spend with an amiga renewing old acquaintances and preparing to leave for Mexico City on December 21rst!

Where to start? Well, for starters two winters ago, it wasn’t even my idea to come here and I had never even heard of Ajijic let alone Lake Chapala, the biggest freshwater lake in Mexico. My then b/f suggested that we go to Mexico for the winter and I readily agreed and started researching the area settling on Ajijic as I had read that it was a bit of an artist colony. Well, long story short as they say, we split but a month sport was still valid, I checked to see that my passport was still valid, drove to Flight Center at Cherry Park Mall and got my single return ticket. I had vaguely remembered that the sister of an old childhood friend from Fifth Grade in Edmonton lived in the area so I asked my Edmonton lawyer friend about her expat sister and headed SOB/south of the border as they say!

More text and pictures to come!


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