Part Two: Street Scenes

What can I say about the cobblestone streets? Well, although they always look charming and quaint in photographs, in day to day life they are definitely a challenge.

I vividly remember going out to check out my barrio upon arrival my first sniwbird and how dismayed and frustrated I was gingerly step/ balancing on the truly rocky roads. At the time I honestly thought Id never survive four months in such a hard to walk place. And besides the medieval cobblestone streets other hazards awaited in the form of sidewalks of varying width and condition and mysterious wires and random rebar sticking out in different directions.

I am happy to report that not only did I survive those first for months, I came back the following year renting an apartment right besides Number Four Restaurante for five months! Once I got tricked out with Air Nike mems basketball shoes I feared no cobblestones!

However at night I took no chances and always carried a flashlight to light my way as I navigated the streets. The posted pictures are from the recently celebrated Our Ladu of Guadalupe Fiesta. I was staying with an amiga in West Ajijic who had a dog so one night I took Pimienta for a walk in the barrio where we viewed over 14 shrines on a sidestreet!

More text and pictures to follow!


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