What do Jubiladas/Jubilados actually do at Lakeside?

As my time draws near to leaving Ajijic, I’ve been reflecting on a question that I’ve often been asked.  Since Ajijic and the Lakeside area is inland many of my friends and relatives are stumped as to what there is to do or see IF you are not near the ocean. Their idea of Mexico is being at a resort or having a condo somewhere along the coast, preferably one that has a direct  flight  via WestJet from Canada.

Well, it{s like this. This area right on Lake Chapala, the biggest freshwater lake in Mexico has simply a treasure trove of activities, volunteer opportunities, gallery openings and charities to support!  You can be as busy or as idle as you want with no regrets or guilt whatsoever. For example here is a list of some of the things I{ve done in a mere 20 days since my arrival on December 1rst.


-had many fine alfresco lunches with friends

-had many fine dining dinner with friends including a wonderful Thai restaurante and last night at Los Telares where Alfonso

– saw a comedy play called Over the Hills and Through the Woods at the Lakeside



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