Semana Dos…

The days simply blend one into another in this wonderful lifestyle choice called being a snowbird.  An amiga from Nanaimo is here in Ajijic based on my high recommendation. I helped find her a place very centrally located right next to the Lake Chapala Society. This week flowed quite nicely again and I did get to the Wednesday tianguis where I took some pictures that I will post from my cel phone later.

It s very handy having a smartphone as it subtitutes  quite nicely for a tablet. I even read a book on it this week!  And yes, it was the guilty pleasure of reading and critiquing the very badly written sequel to Fifty Shades of Gray. OMG, the second book is not much better than the first. I just wanted to find out what all the fuss was about! Now I ve started the third installment chronicling the shallow lives of these two very improble characters. The movie is filming in Vancouver right now and the city is substituting for Seattle once more.

On Thursday, I hiked down to La Bodega to attend my first WW meeting here at Lakeside. This is the ONLY English speaking meeting in Mexico led by the upbeat and very positive Barbara P originally from Alaska. About 40 mostly womn were in attendance. Alas, I was up a couple of pounds since my last weigh in so I ll have to monitor my cerveza and margarita intake in the coming weeks and months if I want that seatbelt on April 30th to cinch in a bit tighter than it was on December 1rst!

The LWL, the ladies who lunch had a wonderful al fresco lunch at the beautiful patio restaurante besides La Floresta.  Two alumi participants of Finding Water, my Artist Way grupo en Mexico joined me in the bright Mexican sunshine!  I tried their lasgna which was flavourful and of course, well priced.

I also fit in a spa quality pedicure at a nail salon right in the neighbourhood where I m staying in West Ajijic. A little pricier than most at 130 pesos it was still worth it as I had not had a pedicure in many months and I was definitely overdue. Now I can actually wear my sandals and show off my toenails in public!  Having affordable personal services like this is definitely a plus for snowbirds in Mexico for sure!  I look forward to many more mani/pedis in the months ahead as well as haircuts/foils in the half price or less category.

The weekend wrapped up with a matinee showing of Over the Woods and Through the Trees, a title which imho didn t really match the play other than the lead character spent time with both sets of grandparents as he pondered how to tell him that he was leaving NYC to move to Seattle.  THE biggest laught was when one of the characters remarked that no, you didn t leave your family because of the weather. The audience principally composed of expats many of who HAD left their families North of the Border to retire in the Mexican sunshine laughed uproariously.  Another skit that depicted how aging people free associate amongst themselves when trying to remember something was also amusing.

Another highlight of the week was a superb salmon dinner at the incomparable and always dependable Mannix Restaurante on Ocampo. The portion was generous and the 150 peso dinner came with tortilla sopa y potato y vegetables. Simply wonderful!  My gracious hostess where I am staying and I also visited the new location of Yves now on the careterra in West Ajijic. Yves used to be on the malecon lakeside for many years. Fortunately he still had space to bring along Vina Blanca the well fed and cared for burro.  The setting and the fountains in the swimming pool were lovely, the breakfast not so much and the service was spotty. I would say this restaurante is probably a better bet for comida/lunch or la cena/dinner.

All in all another lovely week in paradise!   Viva Ajijic!

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