Daytripping in Guadalajara

Guadalajara is the second largest city but surprisingly quite easy to navigate around to see the sites and the two adjacent municipalities that just can’t be missed, Tlakapaque and Tonala. Want to see 13 places of note and the other two places? Well THE most cost and time effective way is by double decker bus on Tapitio Tours. For only 109 pesos/65 seniors you get a wristband that lets you hop on and of f the bus all day and night. Last year I took it at night in a continuous loop to see the neon and the arches and historical  in  the many roundabouts lit up. Simply spectacular!

Centro Guadalajara is very pedestrian friendly with many streets free of cars. There is a dazzling selection of shops, street vendors and markets to interest the shoppers amidst us. There are also many options to choose from for dining ranging from the tamale seller on the street to high end dining at the famous and exquisitely restored Morales Hotel. In it’s hey day it was THE bullfighter hotel.

It’s quite amazing to me how many people living or those staying at Lakeside as snowbirds rarely go to Guad as it is commonly called by the locals to explore it’s many charms. The birthplace of Mariachi , it is a world class city which despite it’s urban sprawl and under belly of violence with the drug cartels should not be ignored or discredited in my humble opinion.

Viva Guadalajara!





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