Dias Tres y Quatro…

As you can see, it’s very easy to slide right back into the pace of life here in Ajijic by Lake Chapala. Geographically speaking, Ajijic is about one hour south of Guadalajara although the airport is in between the two places. This is why this area has been an expat enclave and continuing favourite amidst Canadian and American expats for over fifty years.  This small city is sometimes referred to as a place with eternal spring as it’s warm and sunny in the mid to high 20s most days except in the rainy season.

I’ve only been here four days staying at a beautiful residence of an amigo in West Ajijc but my calendar is filling up. Right now I’m off to the Oasis Cloud café for an author talk and luncheon. Yes, I, too can be one of the ‘ladies who lunch’ because the cost of going out to restaurants is so reasonable. Our lunch today will cost 80 pesos, about 7.50 CAD.  I will post more info about the author and her book which is a first person narrative about living with a loved one suffering from dementia.

Tomorrow, I’m checking into the only English Weight Watcher’s meeting in Latin America at La Bodega that features a wonderful leader, Barbara, an expat from Alaska. Bet she and her husband really appreciate not having the winters or any form of the winters they had up there!

The uniquely named, ‘Breakfast Club’ which is actually a social dinner group reconvenes at Adelitas in San Antonia, Jalisco and the whole menu is half the already reasonable prices. I’m going to try out their ribs for only 70 pesos, about 6.00 CAD.

And upcoming on Friday there are THREE gallery openings in Centro Ajijic that will feature extraordinary local artists. There will also be the usual fabuloso assortment of botanas/ appys and bebidas/drinks including wine and margaritas at each opening so basically happy hour and dinner is taken care of. It will be a day to get out and see and be seen.  Speaking of which, I have already run into my UBER maid from last winter, Rosa!  I ran into her on the careterra/highway as we were waiting to cross at the same crosswalk.

Well, I’ll revisit my posts so far at my favourite wifi coffee hangout, Caffe Grano that roasts and grinds their own coffee beans. I brought back a few coffee sacks last year that I’ll use for some sort of décor item or project at my next place. But for now, I’m quite content being a technically homeless jubilada/ retiree!


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