Dias Dos Literary Snapshots of Ajijic


Sliding right into the groove of being a snowbird in Mexico for my third winter. I just got here but my event calendar is filling up. On Wednesday I’m attending a book launch/luncheon at a wonderful restaurante aptly named’ ‘Oasis Cloud.’ Then on Thursday there is a group dinner club gathering at Adelita’s in San Antonio, Jalisco, not Texas. I’m going to try out their ribs for only 70i peso and best of all the margaritas are only 20 pesos! I pay more than this for my cup of java at Tim Horton’s or Starbucks

Today’s wordpress writing challenge seems particularly apropo as I prepare to go our for a village walkabout to reaquaint myself with the multi sensory  delights of this charming fishing village on Lake Chapala. To start with each morning the very first sight is the blue sky and sunshine filtering through the ceiling skylight. Then I get a welcome by the resident resuce dog, Pimienta.


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