Dias Uno… Regressa a Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico!

It was a very long travel day going through not one but two International Airports, San Francisco and Houston but I survived all the Homeland security scans and checks and rechecks and arrived in Guadalajara International Airport just after midnight much, much earlier this morning.  Unfortunaely, my two suitcases did not make the SF connection so were delivered the next afternoon at no cost to me.

Anthony, an Ajijic taxi driver was waiting to pick me up and take me to an amiga’s home in West Ajijic where I’ll be staying before we head to Mexico City for the Christmas of all Christmases, imho with Charter Club tours right here in Ajijic. I’ve wanted to go on this tour for the last two winters and now with my car in a garage and not having to pay rent on both sides of the border it was finally possible!

Just check out this phenomenal itinerary!  I’m having an early night tonight so more details manana!   Hasta luego!  Joanne

Hotel 5* Luxury Bus Breakfast Bilingual Guide Escorted Tours Entrance Fees Christmas Dinner Boat Ride Hotel Tips Taxes
Anthropology Museum Teotihuacan Pyramids Shrine of Guadalupe Chapultepec Castle Historical Center Fine Arts Palace Cathedral Diego Rivera Murals National Palace Aztec Mayor Temple University City
World Trade Center Bullfight Ring Pink Zone Dolores Olmedo Museum Xochimilco (Floating Gardens) Traditional Neighborhoods Residential Areas National History Museum Sightseeing Tours                   (Day & Night) And much more!

3 thoughts on “Dias Uno… Regressa a Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico!

    1. Hola from San Miquel de Allende, Conde Naste Travel magazine s TOP pick for best city in the world. Do I know how to pick then or What? Yes, I m totally grooving on my third snowbird winter here in SMA. Esta invierno I spent three weeks in December visitng amigos y amigas en Ajijic, ten days over Navidad in Ciudad Mexico and now I m in San Miquel de Allend until the end of April when I return to Victoria then onto Nanaimo via the Leon International Airport. I flew into Guadalajara so this will be a new route going home. All the very best in 2014 and thanks for reading my blog. Abrazos from Mexico! Joanne

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